Thursday, 9 July 2015

OU DPP Guest Blog: Pharmaceutical Standards - A Challenging Balancing Act

By Dr Dinar Kale

Drawing on a pilot study carried out in India, Kenya and South Africa with funding from IKD, a new policy brief from Innogen, Standards and Their Role in Pharmaceutical Upgrading in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, reveals that pharmaceutical standards have emerged as an undesirable barrier to market entry for firms based in African countries, which in turn impacts on development, health delivery and access to medicines. The financial cost and technical knowledge associated with complying with technology standards remains a significant challenge for developing country firms looking to upgrade their manufacturing facilities. This has created a major policy challenge for policy makers and regulators around the world, who want to facilitate the development of standards that will ensure safe, effective and quality products without their acting as barriers to development of local industries in African countries.

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Venus Timberlake said...

According to the post,pharmaceutical standard has became the barrier to market entry. Because most companies in Africa cannot reach the standard. Technology is the big problem. So what need to do is that biotech companies in developed countries give a hand to them .

Creative Biomart said...

but for the African based companies, they lack large amount of fund to develop their technology standards. They cannot reach the standards, which would in turn effect their marketing and sales. It seems a paradox to them So helping them firstly develop the technology instead of focusing on various pharmaceutical standards would be the premier.
C L from Creative Biomart