Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rothamsted GM Wheat Trial: What can social science tell us?

By Joyce Tait

The debate over genetically modified food is not a new one. Most recently, Rothamsted Research – the research institution attempting to grow wheat designed to be resistant to aphids and, thus, require less insecticide – has drawn the ire of environmental activists and protestors. 

Friday, 4 May 2012

Lost and found in translation

By Julius Mugwagwa, recently in Francophone Africa

My recent journeys to Burkina Faso have grossly exposed my inability to converse in the French language. I have not felt so incapable language-wise in the many times I have travelled; not even in the two weeks I spent in China at a Research Councils UK and Chinese Academy of Sciences Summer School in 2009, or in Havana, Cuba at the Global Forum for Health Research Conference at the end of 2009. Maybe it was, largely, because on these instances I was travelling with colleagues from DPP and/or INNOGEN, and we were participating in meetings where l’anglais langue (English language for those limited in le fran├žais langue!) was the main language of communication.